So Fresh & So Good! July 23 2015

Food brings families together in a way that nothing else does so on one of the last days of our long and very active vacation, we gathered together to enjoy a fresh and delicious snack. 

Using up all the fresh fruit we had, we created a delicious treat for kids and adults alike. Throw some fruit, yogurt and our 'Nola in a bowl or cup and you have a perfectly balanced and nutritious snack:

A 'Nola Parfait!

Even the kids can make this simple treat!
Our mini bags of Bing's 'Nola are perfect for quick snacks like this!
We have enjoyed this trip so much and there is more to tell so stay tuned for more updates! 

Soaking Up Nature & BumFloating Around Upstate New York July 17 2015

If you have never been to Lake George in upstate New York, you need to make it a life goal. If for no other reason than to witness this beautiful view:

Lake George

After leaving Shino and family behind in Connecticut, we headed to upstate New York to spend more quality family time enjoying Lake George. And we were lucky enough to meet this guy:

Lake George

Meet Justy Joe! He runs a fishing charter on Lake George and he's one awesome guy. We stocked him up with Bing's 'Nola as a thank you for making our trip even better than we expected. If you are ever in the Lake George area and you're looking to fish, check out Justy Joe!


Bing definitely enjoyed the boat ride and going fishing with her cousins from New Jersey!

But fishing wasn't the only fun activity we did on Lake George. We busted out our BumFloats and spent some time in the crystal clear water! If you've never heard of BumFloat, you are missing out. 


If you have received any of our surprise bags of Bing's 'Nola make sure to post on our Facebook page or tweet to us @BingsNola. We have so much more stories to tell about this trip so stay tuned for more updates! 


More Than Just Granola July 14 2015

Road tripping up the east coast of the U.S. was quite an adventure! Once we were used to being in one state, we were suddenly entering a brand new one. Each state means new people to surprise with our 'Nola treats! If you are one of the lucky folks that received one of our bags, let us know by posting on our Facebook page or on Twitter-@BingsNola-using the hashtag #Shino80

Entertaining three kids on a road trip is never easy but we found a neat way to keep things fresh and entertaining. Every hour or so, we would give the kids a little wrapped gift or a new snack and each time, it perked them up and gave them something different to focus on besides how long we have been in this minivan. 

 And after many hours on the road, we finally made it!


This road trip has more meaning than spreading love and kindness with our Bing's 'Nola. The whole point of this trip was to travel to Connecticut to see Bing's grandpa, Shino, celebrate his 80th birthday. A huge family reunion surrounded the birthday celebration and the amount of smiling, happy family we spent time with was monumental. 


Shino's birthday brought together 7 siblings, 20 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren,
plus many more!




On Saturday, we gathered at Chelsea Piers and had our very own family olympics! Competition ensued but no matter what game we were playing, the laughter and cheers were deafening! We had a blast!


After a day full of games and sweaty fun, we gathered together for a big family dinner to reflect on our wonderful day and continue celebrating family, love and Shino's long life. 


Bing shared her 'Nola with her grandad and family members during the send-off brunch. Our all natural snack was a fundamental part of the meal and everyone loved it. We sure hope the strangers we met along our road trip loved the 'Nola as much as our family does!


After spending several days with our huge family, we left Shino and ventured to Lake George in upstate New York for more family fun! Shino, like always, walked us out to the car to say goodbye. He never changes and that's definitely a good thing. 




Let the road tripping begin! July 09 2015


The minivan is packed full of suitcases, entertainment for the kids and of course, the best snack for any road trip: Bing's 'Nola! Each of these little bags are ready to be hand delivered to the lucky folks we encounter on our trip!

After getting up at the dreaded hour of 4 am, we set off on our adventure! Three kids and two parents on the road from Atlanta to Connecticut spreading love, kindness and granola along the east coast!


The sun is rising on the South Carolina freeway and we have already given out some 'Nola! We stopped at a local fast food restaurant in Gaffney, SC (because Frank Underwood would want us to!) and handed out a few bags to unsuspecting folks.

One man asked if the granola was homemade and when we told him yes, he said, "Is it poison?" We promise there's no poison in our granola. Just some all natural ingredients and yumminess! :)

We went on a stealth mission and snuck some bags into random people's mailboxes. Talk about a surprise! Instead of bills in your mailbox, you get snacks!

Outside Pulaski, Virginia, we met this lovely young lady and her family. The 5 of them are traveling to a basketball tournament so of course, we had to load them up with 'Nola! Meeting all these smiling faces along the way is making this road trip less stressful and more fun! Oh and Go Eagles! We'll be rooting for you!

Back on the road and off to surprise more unsuspecting folks with our treats! Wish us luck! 


Welcome to Bing’s ‘Nola’s 80 Acts of Kindness! July 08 2015

OUR FAMILY IS TRAVELING from Atlanta, Georgia to Connecticut and New York to celebrate the 80th birthday of Bing's grandpa, Shino.

Along the way, we are going to honor Shino by sharing 80 bags of Bing's yummy, all natural granola. We want to spread love and kindness to everyone we meet and what better way than with a delicious snack!

“Get one, Give one”

We will randomly pick 40 people along our route and give each person 2 small bags of granola, in hopes that they will enjoy one bag and pass the other one along to someone else.

Help us spread kindness (and granola!) by sharing with a friend, family member or like us, a complete stranger!


You can join us on our road trip by following along at where we will be updating along the way!

Also join us on social so you don’t miss any of our fun updates: @BingsNola. Use the hashtag #Shino80

If you are one of our lucky random recipients, please post a picture of you and your bags of Bing’s ‘Nola and let us know how sharing a bag of our granola brightened your day and theirs!

Because one small act of kindness can change somebody’s world.

And the winner is... September 30 2014

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in our Instagram contest. We received a ton of amazing entries from Bing's 'Nola fans. We have selected one winner! Cue the drum roll...


Congratulations, Lanie! She has won a FREE case of Bing's 'Nola!

Show Us How You Take Bing's 'Nola Back to School [Update] August 22 2014

Our Instagram contest has been running for the past week, and we love the responses we've been receiving! In fact, we're ready to take it a step further.  While we love our Bing's 'Nola photos from our loyal fans, we realized there are some Instagram users out there that don't have Bing's 'Nola [yet] that would like to participate in the contest too. To be fair, we're opening it up to everyone!

So, if you don't have Bing's 'Nola with you, show us how you could take Bing's 'Nola back to school. Think outside the box and share something that stands out to you about this time of the year. For example, your kids' new shiny lunch boxes or your favorite place to study and snack. You must tag us (@bingsnola) and use the hashtag #bing2school to qualify. Remember, there's a case of Bing's 'Nola on the line! 

These are some of our most recent entries that could help inspire you! Good luck! 


Georgia: Show us how you take Bing's 'Nola back to school August 12 2014

Schools are back in session and that means you’re on the go again. Snap a photo of your granola and share it on Instagram for a chance to win a case of Bing’s ‘Nola!

Here’s how to enter: Follow @BingsNola on Instagram. Show us how you ‘Nola and post your photos on Instagram. Tag @BingsNola in the post and use the hashtag, #Bing2School. That’s it!

There is no limit on entries, but you must be a Georgia resident. The more creative, the better!

The contest runs from August 15th - September 15th. A winner will randomly be selected on September 16th.


Good luck!

The Healthiest Snacks To Pack In Your Kids’ Lunches July 29 2014

It’s time to start prepping your family for their back-to-school routine! While you’re out buying new school supplies, you should also be focused on your kids’ nutritional needs. Sending your kids off to school with healthy snacks is important because this is going to help them grow into healthy young adults. Here are some of the best snacks to pack:



Pack various fruits in their lunches. Fruits contain fundamental vitamins and minerals that are essential for your kids’ health. Fruits are also sweet and can help minimize their sweet tooth cravings throughout the day.



Like fruit, veggies also contain important vitamins and minerals. If your kids aren’t fans of veggies, try packing something to dip them in, like peanut butter or a light dipping sauce.


Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is full of protein. This will keep your children energized and full throughout the rest of the school day. Some stores actually offer kid-sized Greek yogurt containers, in case the full-serving size is too filling for your little ones


Whole Wheat Crackers

Whole wheat crackers are a great alternative to potato chips. They’re crunchy, filling, and hold some nutritional value. Some brands are high in sodium, so be sure to read the labels.



Don’t forget to pack granola! Bing's 'Nola is a filling snack that is packed with Omega 3's, healthy mono-unsaturated fats and it’s made with all-natural ingredients. It’s salty, sweet, and kid-approved! You can stock up on granola here.

Get your kids’ school year started out on the right foot! They’ll not only have the hottest new school gear, but they’ll show up with healthy lunches that will keep them energized and alert throughout the day. Focused kids equal better school grades!

3 Allergy-Free Recipes From Pinterest That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth July 18 2014

Pinterest is a foodie's dream come true. Although, there are so many recipes on Pinterest, sometimes it's hard to decide what to try first. We decided to help make your decision a little easier by picking out some of the tastiest ones for you!

Allergy-Free Thin Mints

You’ll never have to wait around for Girl Scout cookies again. You can make your own fresh and allergy-free version of Thin Mints with this recipe.


Allergy-Free Strawberry Cupcakes

Strawberries are cheaper and more plentiful during the summer months. You can pick them yourself, stop by a farmer's market or make a trip to your local grocery store. Your family will love them in cupcake form! 


Egg-Free Brownies

There's always an excuse to indulge in chocolate, especially when it's in brownie form. Take yourself away to chocolatey heaven with these egg-free brownies.


Is your stomach growling yet? Ours is! Head to the kitchen and start cooking up some sweets, and let us know if they were a hit in your house!