3 Allergy-Free Recipes From Pinterest That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth July 18 2014

Pinterest is a foodie's dream come true. Although, there are so many recipes on Pinterest, sometimes it's hard to decide what to try first. We decided to help make your decision a little easier by picking out some of the tastiest ones for you!

Allergy-Free Thin Mints

You’ll never have to wait around for Girl Scout cookies again. You can make your own fresh and allergy-free version of Thin Mints with this recipe.


Allergy-Free Strawberry Cupcakes

Strawberries are cheaper and more plentiful during the summer months. You can pick them yourself, stop by a farmer's market or make a trip to your local grocery store. Your family will love them in cupcake form! 


Egg-Free Brownies

There's always an excuse to indulge in chocolate, especially when it's in brownie form. Take yourself away to chocolatey heaven with these egg-free brownies.


Is your stomach growling yet? Ours is! Head to the kitchen and start cooking up some sweets, and let us know if they were a hit in your house!