Soaking Up Nature & BumFloating Around Upstate New York July 17 2015

If you have never been to Lake George in upstate New York, you need to make it a life goal. If for no other reason than to witness this beautiful view:

Lake George

After leaving Shino and family behind in Connecticut, we headed to upstate New York to spend more quality family time enjoying Lake George. And we were lucky enough to meet this guy:

Lake George

Meet Justy Joe! He runs a fishing charter on Lake George and he's one awesome guy. We stocked him up with Bing's 'Nola as a thank you for making our trip even better than we expected. If you are ever in the Lake George area and you're looking to fish, check out Justy Joe!


Bing definitely enjoyed the boat ride and going fishing with her cousins from New Jersey!

But fishing wasn't the only fun activity we did on Lake George. We busted out our BumFloats and spent some time in the crystal clear water! If you've never heard of BumFloat, you are missing out. 


If you have received any of our surprise bags of Bing's 'Nola make sure to post on our Facebook page or tweet to us @BingsNola. We have so much more stories to tell about this trip so stay tuned for more updates!