More Than Just Granola July 14 2015

Road tripping up the east coast of the U.S. was quite an adventure! Once we were used to being in one state, we were suddenly entering a brand new one. Each state means new people to surprise with our 'Nola treats! If you are one of the lucky folks that received one of our bags, let us know by posting on our Facebook page or on Twitter-@BingsNola-using the hashtag #Shino80

Entertaining three kids on a road trip is never easy but we found a neat way to keep things fresh and entertaining. Every hour or so, we would give the kids a little wrapped gift or a new snack and each time, it perked them up and gave them something different to focus on besides how long we have been in this minivan. 

 And after many hours on the road, we finally made it!


This road trip has more meaning than spreading love and kindness with our Bing's 'Nola. The whole point of this trip was to travel to Connecticut to see Bing's grandpa, Shino, celebrate his 80th birthday. A huge family reunion surrounded the birthday celebration and the amount of smiling, happy family we spent time with was monumental. 


Shino's birthday brought together 7 siblings, 20 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren,
plus many more!




On Saturday, we gathered at Chelsea Piers and had our very own family olympics! Competition ensued but no matter what game we were playing, the laughter and cheers were deafening! We had a blast!


After a day full of games and sweaty fun, we gathered together for a big family dinner to reflect on our wonderful day and continue celebrating family, love and Shino's long life. 


Bing shared her 'Nola with her grandad and family members during the send-off brunch. Our all natural snack was a fundamental part of the meal and everyone loved it. We sure hope the strangers we met along our road trip loved the 'Nola as much as our family does!


After spending several days with our huge family, we left Shino and ventured to Lake George in upstate New York for more family fun! Shino, like always, walked us out to the car to say goodbye. He never changes and that's definitely a good thing.