Let the road tripping begin! July 09 2015


The minivan is packed full of suitcases, entertainment for the kids and of course, the best snack for any road trip: Bing's 'Nola! Each of these little bags are ready to be hand delivered to the lucky folks we encounter on our trip!

After getting up at the dreaded hour of 4 am, we set off on our adventure! Three kids and two parents on the road from Atlanta to Connecticut spreading love, kindness and granola along the east coast!


The sun is rising on the South Carolina freeway and we have already given out some 'Nola! We stopped at a local fast food restaurant in Gaffney, SC (because Frank Underwood would want us to!) and handed out a few bags to unsuspecting folks.

One man asked if the granola was homemade and when we told him yes, he said, "Is it poison?" We promise there's no poison in our granola. Just some all natural ingredients and yumminess! :)

We went on a stealth mission and snuck some bags into random people's mailboxes. Talk about a surprise! Instead of bills in your mailbox, you get snacks!

Outside Pulaski, Virginia, we met this lovely young lady and her family. The 5 of them are traveling to a basketball tournament so of course, we had to load them up with 'Nola! Meeting all these smiling faces along the way is making this road trip less stressful and more fun! Oh and Go Eagles! We'll be rooting for you!

Back on the road and off to surprise more unsuspecting folks with our treats! Wish us luck!