Welcome to Bing’s ‘Nola’s 80 Acts of Kindness! July 08 2015

OUR FAMILY IS TRAVELING from Atlanta, Georgia to Connecticut and New York to celebrate the 80th birthday of Bing's grandpa, Shino.

Along the way, we are going to honor Shino by sharing 80 bags of Bing's yummy, all natural granola. We want to spread love and kindness to everyone we meet and what better way than with a delicious snack!

“Get one, Give one”

We will randomly pick 40 people along our route and give each person 2 small bags of granola, in hopes that they will enjoy one bag and pass the other one along to someone else.

Help us spread kindness (and granola!) by sharing with a friend, family member or like us, a complete stranger!


You can join us on our road trip by following along at bingsnola.com/blogs/news where we will be updating along the way!

Also join us on social so you don’t miss any of our fun updates: @BingsNola. Use the hashtag #Shino80

If you are one of our lucky random recipients, please post a picture of you and your bags of Bing’s ‘Nola and let us know how sharing a bag of our granola brightened your day and theirs!

Because one small act of kindness can change somebody’s world.