Show Us How You Take Bing's 'Nola Back to School [Update] August 22 2014

Our Instagram contest has been running for the past week, and we love the responses we've been receiving! In fact, we're ready to take it a step further.  While we love our Bing's 'Nola photos from our loyal fans, we realized there are some Instagram users out there that don't have Bing's 'Nola [yet] that would like to participate in the contest too. To be fair, we're opening it up to everyone!

So, if you don't have Bing's 'Nola with you, show us how you could take Bing's 'Nola back to school. Think outside the box and share something that stands out to you about this time of the year. For example, your kids' new shiny lunch boxes or your favorite place to study and snack. You must tag us (@bingsnola) and use the hashtag #bing2school to qualify. Remember, there's a case of Bing's 'Nola on the line! 

These are some of our most recent entries that could help inspire you! Good luck!